What is VHS Cinema?

So, what is VHS Cinema?

Hey that’s a great question! VHS Cinema – so far – is simply a page dedicated to honoring everything VHS. This is set to include everything from the earliest days of Betamax and VHS, through the heydays of VHS, and into the modern reminanents of VHS culture on mainstream film and cinema.

Oh yeah, we’re also a club!

The VHS Cinema Club is – again, so far – a limited service where members are set a random VHS every month to add to their collections. These “random” VHS will come from the VHS Cinema library and network and are curated to represent the best, weirdest and – sometimes – worst that the format has ever seen.

VHS Cinema is also a blog!

While the VHS Cinema Club might only be for select members for now, VHS Cinema will strive to keep the VHS legacy alive by hosting a blog dedicated to everything VHS. With VHS film reviews, to interviews with classic VHS directors and stars, to insights into how VHS culture is still informing modern film and cinema, the VHS Cinema blog will aim to be a hub for both VHS collectors and film fans alike.

Don’t forget live VHS screenings and events!

Oh yeah, we’re also going to do events! With VHS Cinema partnered with the Texas Theatre, Top Ten Records and Tuesday Night Trash, VHS Cinema will help to host VHS Screenings and events at our home locations and across the world. There will be in-person screenings as well as online content, as well as plenty of events, markets and all-important VHS swaps.

If you’d like to host a VHS Cinema screening of your own, we’d love to help you out. Just contact us through our Contact Page or on social media and we’ll help you get set up!

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