VHS Cinema is a page dedicated to the love and appreciation of all things VHS with a focus on the 80s and 90s films and DTV features that have influenced modern film and cinema culture.

Mission Statement

The goal of VHS Cinema is to give a dying medium eternal life as we try to honor the legacy of VHS but actively collecting, sharing, trading and even creating new VHS content.

Top Ten Records

As Dallas’ oldest record store, Top Ten Records has been housing music for the neighborhood, since 1956. Top Ten Records was converted to an arts & culture non-profit in 2016, with a focus on arts engagement and media archiving and is currently the homebase for VHS Cinema.

Texas Theatre

In 2009 Jason Reimer was invited to join the OCF as the creative director by then chairmen Stuart Sikes. After rebranding and holding a series of curated free screenings, Reimer was approached by Barak Epstein with a plan to reopen the Texas Theatre into a fully functional cinema and events center. Epstein collected filmmaker Eric Steele and founded “Aviation Cinemas” with Reimer transitioning to join the group. The new operations began via a grand re-opening in the fall of 2010. In 2019, The Aviation team acquired the property from the Oak Cliff Foundation in order to continue to restore and update the theatre.

Tuesday Night Trash

Tuesday Night Trash is a staple of the Texas Theatre’s programming dedicated to screening the strange, peculiar, eccentric and weirdest films known to mankind. TNT hosts free screenings on the first Tuesday of the Month at the Texas Theatre and is the cinematic partner for the VHS Cinema project.

VHS Cinema